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Labor law

The scope of our law firm’s services also includes legal services for the formation and supervision of employment establishments with workforce employed on the basis of employment agreements and performing specific tasks based on civil law agreements. Employment law has been an area of our growing interest in the past few years. Corporate services for the key Polish businesses is inextricably connected to the issues arising from employment. Our specialised team provide comprehensive services in the area of employment law, drafting such documents as work regulations, remuneration rules or work establishment employee benefit fund rules is a manner which satisfies the needs and interests of our Clients. We have also delivered such services as drafting templates of agreements for our clients’ employees and subcontractors, which are fully customised to their specific job titles and positions as well as the scope of the individual responsibility assumed.

The extensive experience of our Firm allows our Clients to seek support in solving issues arising from restructuring and reduction of their employment in connection with the transactions of companies and/or partnerships merging, restructuring arising from privatisation or in obtaining work permits for foreign citizens planning to work in Poland. We also provide effective support in court disputes related to employment.