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Legal Adviser Rafał Zwierzyński is a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk and was entered on the registry of legal advisers under item GD 1255 on 19 December 1995. He gained his experience in estate and human resources management through working in the banking sector, acting as an official receiver and liquidator and representing commercial companies and partnerships in the capacity of a proxy.
Rafał Zwierzyński is an experienced litigation legal representative. He represents domestic and foreign entities in out-of-court negotiations and in the proceedings in Polish common and administrative courts. Rafał Zwierzyński is also a fluent English speaker. He heads a professional law firm in Gdańsk (Wrzeszcz) with a team of three lawyers.

The scope of the services provided by the firm includes comprehensive legal services for business and individuals. The law firm specialises in in-court and administrative proceedings, legal property management, construction law as well as the recovery of damages and non-pecuniary damages in the wake of transport accidents.

The Law Firm’s scope of practice entails cases from the following areas of law: geological, mining, geodesic and cartographic law; mergers, transformations and acquisitions of companies and partnerships; consultancy services on commercial and insurance agreements; legal support for natural persons (estates, gifts, competition and consumer protection), comprehensive legal services for homeowner associations, receivables recovery, debt recovery of court- and executionary proceedings-awarded receivables, public procurement law, copyright, intellectual property infringement, bankruptcy and reorganisation law, comprehensive legal property management, environmental law, nature conservation, agricultural law (establishing the legal status of land, land inventory and identification, changes to land classification, tree felling, contract farming, farming subsidies).