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Tax law and other public levies

Tax-related issues are key to maintain our clients’ profitability. The firm offers general and case-specific counsel in order to support its clients in forecasting challenges and seeking tax savings. General counsel spans i.a. a preliminary analysis of the overall tax situation of an entity, periodical tax analyses, advice on the optimally tax-efficient organisational structure of our Clients, or a regular analysis of the possibilities for achieving tax savings. We advise and represent our clients before all the tax authorities, including in the court proceedings. As the tax regulations are often vague and subject to a variety of interpretations, we draft for our customers motions for individual interpretations of the stipulations of the tax law and , whenever required, represent our clients in proceedings before administrative courts.

The firm advises on company and partnership formation, their functioning and the restructuring of business entities. We provide advice on the tax-efficiency of the operational structure of businesses, including the most efficient forms of employment for Polish and foreign citizens working in Poland. We provide our customers with advice on the transactions they conclude as a party, the advice referring to the structure of transactions, their tax optimisation and any post-transaction counsel.