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The Firm’s lawyers represent our clients in court proceedings all over the country but – in order to perform our duties with the rightly expected from professionals due diligence – we primarily are involved in the court proceedings within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals in Gdańsk, i.e. the District Court in Gdańsk and the Regional Courts in Gdańsk. We have pleaded numerous cases before the common courts of all the instances, and to a successful result. The main area of our activity is pleading a broad variety of cases in civil and economic proceedings, particularly in cases related to day-to-day services for entrepreneurs – payment disputes, disputes arising from non-performance or undue performance of agreements, employment law and social insurance and recovering remedies and non-pecuniary damages.

We have also got experience in settling disputes regarding agreements and other legal issues in out-of-court settlements, which means saving the time and money of our Clients. Such solutions also mean that the conflict between the parties is alleviated and the parties are spared the distress intrinsic to litigation. The Law Firm represents clients in proceedings held before local and governments administration offices and institutions as well as the courts of first and second instance in matters pertaining to employment, liability for marketing dangerous products, breaches of of commercial contracts, intellectual property protection, copyright infringement, acts of unfair competition and advertising, and other civil, economic and tax-related matters as well as those related to construction law. Our lawyers have represented clients in proceedings before common courts, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal.