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Administrative and judical-and-administrative proceedings

The firm’s lawyers have got broad experience in all the types of administrative and court-and-administrative proceedings. Those proceedings are mostly related to real property management, that including disputes with the owners of adjacent real property or disputes arising in the delivery of developers’ investment or investment in the area of the mining industry of wind farms. The proceedings also relate to the changes in the local area development plan, securing zoning decisions and all the other actions linked to investment planning.

On many occasions, we were involved in proceedings related to environment protection to both, secure the necessary permits and ensure the protection of the interests of our clients.

A significant proportion of administrative proceedings is finalised as a result of administrative appeals. However, one often finds themselves forced to complain to the Voivodeship Administrative Court or the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw. In its practice, the firm has drafted and successfully pleaded more than fifty administrative complaints related mainly to the areas of law regulating real property.